Category: Interactivity


Interactive Fingerprint

INTERACTIVE FINGERPRINT ALCATEL | In order to show off the new fingerprint unlock on their new phone, we made this exhibition installation on behalf of Alcatel, which begins playing their promo video once the touchscreen app has ‘scanned’ the users fingerprint. previous project UBERTOWN POWER CORPORATION next project FOG SCREEN


Interactive Skull

INTERACTIVE SKULL WCRS | Using a custom-made iPad app, users can create a video collage which is projection mapped directly onto one of our 3D Skulls by selecting video elements for the head, face, eyes, mouth and top layers. previous project FOG SCREEN next project LIGHT UP THE SKY


Text Appeal

TEXT APPEAL PRIVATE CLIENT | Text Appeal was custom build for a protest action group. The sms-to-display solution made using Quartz composer and a handful of other softwares, allows users to respond to a question projected on a wall via text message. The harvested texts are then approved or denied depending on the suitability of their […]


Interactive Video Wall

INTERACTIVE VIDEO WALL KNOW DRUGSĀ | This interactive video wall allowed attendees of the first Know Drugs event to select one of sixteen interviews on the topic of drugs to appear full screen and in stereo sound. In front of the interactive video wall stood a podium with a 4×4 grid of touch button pads, which […]