Category: Meno Projects


Premier League

PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE PRODUCTIONS | Premier League Productions commissioned us to design and build a lit-up version of their logo in keeping with the stying of set they had chose for their television ident for Goals of the Season for the Premier League. We also provided our CRT TV video screens for the backdrop. […]


Tablet Frame

TABLET FRAME ALCATEL | One of our clients needed a creative way to show off the promo video for Alcatel’s latest tablet. We created a replica of the tablet as a frame for one of our bevel-less 46″ high definition flatscreens, completer with side buttons, microphone grille and camera lens. previous project PREMIER LEAGUE next project […]


Learning Is Changing

LEARNING IS CHANGING CUSTOM BUILD | A custom made lightbox design made for a client to serve as a backdrop for a youtube channel. previous project TABLE FRAME next project LED NEON SIGNS


LED Neon Signs

LED NEON SIGNS VARIOUS CLIENTS | We make LED neon signs and logos. Here is a selection of our “fake neon” signs and company logos we have made for various clients using LED neon flex. We are able to make these any colour you like and even colour changing, using micocontrollers or DMX, and mounted onto […]


LED Illuminated Display Plinth

ILLUMINATED LED DISPLAY PLINTH ALCATEL | We were asked by a marketing agency to design this illuminated LED display plinth to show off a new WIFI router at a trade exhibition. Carefully designed first in CAD software, we laser cut multiple layers of acrylic, with an LED strip in each one. A micro controller sequences the […]


Übertown Power Corporation

ÜBERTOWN POWER CORPORATION LONDON DECOMPRESSION | We were given a brief to transform the Coronet’s main room into something completely different. Enter the Übertown Power corporation. A decrepit 50’s powerhouse with a sic-fi twist. A 5m tall power core (art deco-cladding painstakingly replicated from the coronet’s own original decorative panels) towers in the centre of the […]


Interactive Fingerprint

INTERACTIVE FINGERPRINT ALCATEL | In order to show off the new fingerprint unlock on their new phone, we made this exhibition installation on behalf of Alcatel, which begins playing their promo video once the touchscreen app has ‘scanned’ the users fingerprint. previous project UBERTOWN POWER CORPORATION next project FOG SCREEN


Fog Screen

FOG SCREEN CUSTOM DESIGN | We made this heavy fog projections screen to show a brief film as an entrance effect for a private party. previous project INTERACTIVE FINGERPRINT next project INTERACTIVE SKULL


The Cage

THE CAGE CAMO & KROOKED | Standing 3.6m tall and 2m in diameter, The Cage consists of two linked low-res LED screens; one convex and another concave behind it. In between are the inimitable duo Camo & Krooked, whose live set triggers corresponding videos which sync to the music. When the front screen is lit, the pair […]


Interactive Skull

INTERACTIVE SKULL WCRS | Using a custom-made iPad app, users can create a video collage which is projection mapped directly onto one of our 3D Skulls by selecting video elements for the head, face, eyes, mouth and top layers. previous project FOG SCREEN next project LIGHT UP THE SKY


Light up the Sky

LIGHT UP THE SKY BIBIO / PULSE FILMS | Director Joe Giacomet brought us in to provide the projections integral to Bibio’s ‘Light up the Sky’ music video. previous project INTERACTIVE SKULL next project CHEVRON PIXEL MAPPING


Chevrons Pixel Mapping

LED STAGE DESIGN SUSU | The University of Southampton Students’ Union asked us to come up with an LED stage design using their new LED panels, and to make VJ content to fit. The result was a series of chevrons dotted around the stage with the largest in the center. We animated custom video content to […]


Heart of the Forest

HEART OF THE FOREST WALK THE PLANK / ARTS COUNCIL | Artist Blacksmith and metalworker Felicity Jones asked us to work with her on this commission for Walk the Plank, to be exhibited at Kendal Calling Festival. While she built this extraordinary sculpture, we installed and programmed the LED and interior lighting and sound, as well […]


Beano Tower

BEANO TOWER STRONG & CO. | Event productions company Strong & Co asked us to build the lighting tower centerpiece to their enormous experiential event for the launch of the Beano’s online magazine. We created a 6m high Beano tower with internal lighting, 4 video content screens around the outside and various dials, gadgets and gauges […]


Superwide Video Content

SUPERWIDE VIDEO CONTENT DOLBY LABORATORIES | Super widescreen video content displayed behind the Ministry of Sound bar on 4 edge-blended projectors. previous project BEANO TOWER next project AUDIO REACTIVE VISUALS


Audio Reactive Visuals

AUDIO REACTIVE VISUALS DOLBY LABORATORIES | Dolby asked us to make some audio reactive visuals for them especially for their ATMOS DJ events at ministry of sound. Using the visual programming environment, Vuo, we recreated their logo in 3 dimensions, and created an audio reactive engine to create a technical looking 3d mesh which surrounded the […]


Atmos 3D Lighting

AUDIO REACTIVE LIGHTING DOLBY LABORATORIES | We worked with the Dolby ATMOS team to create this audio reactive lighting solution for the 3d ATMOS DJ sets at Ministry of Sound. Our system takes the data from the software to move lights around the room, following the source of the music in the 3D soundsystem. Ministry of […]


Art Deco Photobooth

ART DECO BACKDROP IMMERSIVE CULT | With a brief of “Art deco and St Tropez in the 1920s” we designed and built this Art deco backdrop for an exclusive private party in the French Riviera. The lighting behind shimmered so as to make every photo background unique. Using Art deco motifs and patterns, we aimed to […]


Square HD Screen

SQUARE HD SCREEN & 3D FRAME Available for hire | This 1.2m x 1.2m frame sits around our High Definition Flatscreen monitors for a smart and unique look. It can be customised with colour, backlit logos and decals, and can be mounted to a floor stand or to a wall. This installation is available to hire […]