Studio Meno is a design and build studio based in London. We specialise in creating bespoke visual installations which combine the set & prop design, lighting and video.

Take a look below at what we've done for our previous clients

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Premier League
PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE PRODUCTIONS | Premier League Productions commissioned us to design and build a lit-up version of their logo
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Square HD Screen
SQUARE HD SCREEN & 3D FRAME Available for hire | This 1.2m x 1.2m frame sits around our High Definition Flatscreen
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8×2 Video Wall
8 x 2 VIDEO WALL MADE BY MENO | We made this superwide, 8x2 video wall using old CRT TVs from
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Retro CRT Video Wall
RETRO CRT VIDEO WALL PALACE SKATEBOARDS | Palace asked us to provide them this retro CRT video wall as a striking
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CCTV Tower
CCTV TOWER SECRET CINEMA | A huge CCTV tower stood in the entrance to Secret Cinema's incredibly ambitious production of Terry
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Interactive Video Wall
INTERACTIVE VIDEO WALL KNOW DRUGS | This interactive video wall allowed attendees of the first Know Drugs event to select one
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