Custom fake neon signs

Order a personalised LED sign

Studio Meno specialises in creating fake neon signs, LED logos and lightboxes for your custom lighting installation.

We can make your custom LED neon sign, logo or lightbox in any style or colour you like, and can even make it fully colour changing using microcontrollers or DMX. Our signs use LED neon flex, can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be mounted onto many types of materials including wood, acrylic and foamex.


Because our neon signs are made from LED (instead of the traditional glass used for real neon signs), they’re much safer and less fragile. That means that our LED neon signs are perfect for events where they’re close to the public, so there’s no need to worry about health and safety concerns from the risk of broken glass.

They’re far less likely to break in transit, and use much less power – handy if you’re running them off a generator, from solar power, or for long periods of time.

All of our LED neon signs come fully PAT tested with high-quality, Meanwell-branded LED power supplies. We can provide installation where required.


Who uses our LED neon signs?

We’ve made LED neon signs and lightboxes for everyone from street food and festival stalls to corporate branding events, shop displays and art exhibits.

We can reproduce most company names and logos in LED neon (within reason!) Just send over your requirements and we'll let you know if we can make your logo into an LED Neon sign. 


Request a quote

Want to order a custom fake LED neon sign? Get in touch with the following information, and we’ll send you back a quote.

  • Image/description of the LED sign or lightbox
  • Approximate dimensions
  • LED colour(s) required
  • Indoor or outdoor use?
  • Any preferred material to mount the LED neon onto?
  • Do you need us to install your LED neon sign?
  • Will it travel a lot? Order one of our custom-made flight cases.


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