Our first commission for Hospital Records, the 4.2m wide light sign features 116 decorative light bulbs in a classic circus or carnival style, which illuminate a CNC cut out Hospitality text Logo, which comes apart in 3 pieces for easy transportation. Each letter is operated by a different dimmer channel for control by a DMX lighting desk. The piece was a mainstay of our custom illuminated branding and stage production for Hospitality events for a number of years, and has toured all over the world. This was primarily used in front of the DJ booth and provided the perfect backdrop and lighting for countless stunning photos at events.

It was superseded by the more modern style light sign we made later and lit with LED instead of tungsten lamps. We made another tungsten-lit light sign for Premier League Productions  more recently.

Ayah Marr lit from behind by the light bulb sign
Hospitality light sign in three pieces
Hospitality light bulb sign at the front of the stage
the hospitality light bulb sign and David Rodigan

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