How can Studio Meno impact your brand, event or music artist?

Custom Installations, made with pride and care.

Every single project we design is customised to your specific requirements, and each installation we build is unique, so you’ll never find us reaching for an off-the-shelf solution.

We’ll work closely with you throughout each project and design everything according to your needs, so you get quality results that ensure your installation is a hit. 

We’ve worked on all kinds of installations, from crashed spaceships to art-deco power stations, and giant DMX-controlled LED logos to animated lightboxes that can fit in the boot of your car.

That includes lightboxes and illuminated branding, touring live shows for music artists, interactive installations, custom-made projection screens and custom-made lighting fixtures. 

We take tremendous pride in making sure everything we produce is of an excellent standard.

Have a look at our quality assurance document