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Light up the Sky

LIGHT UP THE SKY BIBIO / PULSE FILMS | Director Joe Giacomet brought us in to provide the projections integral to Bibio’s ‘Light up the Sky’ music video. https://vimeo.com/161032513?loop=0 previous project INTERACTIVE SKULL next project CHEVRON PIXEL MAPPING


Chevrons Pixel Mapping

LED STAGE DESIGN SUSU | The University of Southampton Students’ Union asked us to come up with an LED stage design using their new LED panels, and to make VJ content to fit. The result was a series of chevrons dotted around the stage with the largest in the center. We animated custom video content to […]


Stained Glass Window

STAINED GLASS WINDOW MORNING GLORYVILLE | Needless to say, creating a lighting installation for a daytime event presents some obvious difficulties. Rather than try and compete with the daylight bursting into the room, we decided to harness it; creating a mock stained glass window using the imagery of the event’s brand. The piece can also be […]