Tiled vs. Spanned Images

Once you have decided on the configuration of your video wall, you will need to think about how you want your video content to display on it.

There are two main options of how to display video content on a video wall; using tiled video or spanned video.


Tiled videos will look exactly as it sounds; with imagery tiled across the video wall, with one instance of each video appearing on each video screen. This can be quite an intense viewing experience if the videos are the same on each screen and they are all playing back at the same time, so if you use the same video for this technique, we recommend that you choose to stagger the start times of the videos. You can also have a different video appearing on each screen, or give us just a few videos, and have a few screens showing each one.

This is a great technique for drawing people in, as there is lots of content playing simultaneously, so makes for a really interesting and dynamic installation.


A spanned video will spread out across some or all of the screens in the video wall, using 2 or more CRT screens to display a section of the video. With this technique you can display your video much larger, and with the gaps between the screens, creates a fantastic and sought after retro TV wall appearance. In order to display a single video spanning multiple screens, we can either use a video wall controller, which is a low resolution solution, Blowing up you video to fit the video wall, or we can cut up a much higher resolution 4k video into smaller chunks, and use a series of media players to play back one of these. This gives a much higher quality solution, bit requires more planning and equipment.

This is great for a high impact centerpiece videowall, or for when your audience is a little further away.


With some planning and clever workarounds, we can deliver you an video installation which makes use of both spanned AND tiled videos. Switching between the two, or even for instance having a 2×2 spanned wall in the center of a 4×4, and single tiled videos around the outside. Your imagination is the only limit here, so feel free to go wild with your plans, and we will do our best to make it happen.

With well planned content, using a combination of tiled and spanned videos can create stunning results, and a really exciting and dynamic video wall. Imagine videos moving from one screen to another, expanding from a single screen to fill the entire wall.